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about us

Established in 2006, Fscode is a rapidly growing Offshore IT Solutions provider with offices in Beijing, China.
In 2 years, we have successfully completed over 100 offshore projects for clients worldwide – USA, UK, Canada, France, Australia, and New Zealand among many others.
In a world where the best gets better faster than you can imagine, we have redefined quality and effectiveness in website development. Our teams of professional and dedicated technicians develop, design, program and maintain your website with international looks and standards.

Fscode has an experienced and talented team of IT Professionals who understand customers' requests. Our team resolves complex business issues by taking an objective view, looking at the issues step by step, thereby providing our clients the complete and practicable solution.

At Fscode we operate on the idea that the prospective customer should get instant appeal from your home page and content of your site. That is because we strongly believe that you don’t get a second chance to create a first impression. That’s Fscode understanding of the importance of any website’s home page. Our design team creates websites in such a unique and personalized way that our clients always get top priority in terms of time spent on developing their website.  We let you track number of site hits, pages viewed, number of times visited, frequent visitors, and unique visitors.  Then we help you find the meaning in this data.

Fscode outsourcing company believes that customer satisfaction is ultimate goal for our business. We pledge service at any time, at any cost, and in any circumstance. We've established our company as a long-term strategic and business partner with our clients. We are well organized and equipped to undertake the full life cycle of website and software development projects. Look to Fscode for international quality standards of website development, designing services and software development. All with latest technologies and total customer satisfaction.

Fscode outsourcing company partners with you as a trusted resource.  In China, we are a leader in the field of offshore outsourcing. We are totally dedicated to web design, web development and offshore software outsourcing work. Our goal is to provide long-term service and business support for web designing, web development, software development, web promotion, web marketing and website maintenance to our overseas customers around the globe.