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Pricing structure with fscode outsourcing

Most clients prefer to know exactly how much their web design and development project is going to cost, before they start it. Of course, it is impossible to know exactly how much time it will take us to complete any given web project, so we calculate our actual costs and add in our best estimate of the time necessary to complete the project. This total is used to prepare your pricing quotation.

We are honest in our work, and a detailed work report will be sent to you on weekly basis, to keep you informed. We know that you will be interested and happy to know how your money has been spent.

Our developers work 5 days a week, Monday to Friday, from 9.00am to 6.00pm Beijing time (GMT+8), and we can work overtime in compliance with the  client's need.


Hourly pricing web solution

Hourly web design pricing reflects the cost, per-hour, for each of the resources assigned to develop a client's solution. Customers pay costs as they are incurred during the life of the web design project.

Our hourly rate is $ 15 – 25 an hour per head.

We have engineers with three levels of expertise:  Junior, Associate, and Senior. You may select the appropriate level engineer according to the requirements of your project. And we are happy to work together with you on making this choice.

For long-term projects we assign dedicated engineers who will work on your project until completion, as well as provide further product updates, redevelopment and customer support.



Milestone billing

Client can choose this option for large and long lasting projects where the entire project is broken down into phases. Payment schedules are defined on time (ex. monthly) or after each phase are accomplished and demonstrated. This method reinforces project progress monitoring and reduces risks.