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Adobe Flash and Flex Outsourcing Services

Why Adobe Flex?

Flex allows web application developers to efficiently create highly interactive, expressive interfaces for web and desktop applications.

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Flex applications have rich user experience through interaction and showing information in a visually rich interface.

Flex has the characteristics of cross-platform. Flex applications leverage the Adobe Flash Player runtime. Installed on over most of Internet connected computers, Flash Player uniquely provides a consistent, accessible user experience across browsers and platforms. It is an enterprise-class client runtime with advanced vector graphics capable of handling the most demanding, data-intensive applications while performing at desktop application speeds.

It is worth mentioning that Flex is available as open source software framework. Flex provides a modern, standards-based language and programming model supporting common design patterns. Developers can extend and enhance the open source framework to suit clients’ needs and contribute to the evolution of Flex.

Our Adobe flex development outsourcing services and solutions

As a development framework, Flex has an extensive library of components, skins, containers, and application services. Our flex development team designed a number of different styles of the skins using Photoshop, illustrator and Adobe Flash CS3/CS4 etc. In addition, we developed some separate components for special requirement using Flex builder (flex application development tool).

We used Weborb, AMFPHP, ZendAMF etc.organize database connection code in Adobe ColdFusion, PHP, ASP.NET Java etc, or directly connecting to existing web services.

Flex uses Actionscript language to build application. We are able to achieve a variety of complex functions using Actionscript.

MVC model is the most popular web architectural pattern.Successful use of the MVC pattern isolates business logic from user interface considerations, resulting in an application where it is easier to modify either the visual appearance of the application or the underlying business rules without affecting the other.

Our flex development team is able to use a variety of flex GUI frameworks to create MVC model. For example, Cairngorm and PureMVC are the most popular flex frameworks. We are fully capable of establishing excellent MVC (model view controller) mode depend on them.

We can provide the best flex development services for you and help you to become more competitive.

Fscode flex outsourcing services includes:

1. Making Widget that can be embedded into existing projects
2. Designing and developing flex Application of the entire site.
3. Designing and developing htmls of entire site, Integrating flex application into htmls.

There are two classical examples to show the visual appearance of the flex application:

1. The Flex real estate tool with yahoo map searching:

Technologies: Ruby on Rails, Flex, MySQL,Yahoo Map API

2. The Flex notebooks shop
Technologies: PHP5, Flex, MySQL

If you want to view more examples, please click showcase.