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AJAX Development and Outsourcing at Fscode

AJAX stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. Although AJAX has been available for the last 8 years, its utility was not realized until recently.

AJAX offers a versatile platform for developing rich web applications that are highly interactive and behave justlike desktop applications adding up to the usability and availability of web applications that serve enterprise business services. At Fscode, applications using AJAX harness this capability and get the most out of it.
In many cases, related pages on a website consist of much content that is common between them. Using traditional methods, that content would have to be reloaded on every request. However, using Ajax, a web application can request only the content that needs to be updated, thus drastically reducing bandwidth usage and load time.

Fscode outsourcing company being one of the forerunners in realizing the ability of AJAX and put it to proper use in web applications.

We use Ajax technologies:

  • XML and XSLT for data exchange
  • HTML or XHTML as mark up language
  • CSS for creating custom styles
  • Document Object Model (DOM)
  • Client-end scripting language like JavaScript
  • XMLHttpRequest object for asynchronous data exchange with the web server
  • Ajax Frameworks :jQuery ,Prototype ,script.aculo.us ,ASP.NET Ajax Framework ,EXT Js

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