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Our solution for customized business card

There is the video to show how to use the customized business card admin system.

You can learn more about the solution by testing the client side program.

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Standing out from the competition can be challenging, but printing custom business cards will help you achieve the attention you deserve. Pre-designed business cards are too generic and cannot fully capture the image of your company or your photo, whereas custom business card printing allows you to print your company design in full color. You can include all of the valuable information your clients need by printing on both sides of the card. Provide an incentive, such as a discount receipt or door prize ticket, or even industry-related tips or any other information that makes your business card useful.

Business cards not only make the first impression for you and your business, but they are also an inexpensive and useful marketing tool.
Business card details:
Cards may be printed horizontally or vertically
Print business cards in full color on one side or both

The user can set up the business card size at will.

The client side is web-based print system designed to help clients design personalized business cards.   Easily accessible through any browser, it is fun to use and can be customized to meet your unique business requirements. The user simply logs in to the web page, selects the template required, enters the personalized information(i.e. name, address, email etc.), and quantity required. The user can preview the final design in 3D form before ordering. The system generates a print ready image file which is sent automatically to the admin back-end. Order history can be viewed along with many other features.

The admin system provides customized template functions. The user can set up the content and background color of the business card templates in advance. One great feature is that the business card layout can be printed vertically or horizontally. The client may select one of templates as their basic layout and edit the content of the template according to their own needs.  The application is also useful for creating personalized stationery, toy, consumer goods and many other products. And it may be integrated into your existing payment system, or use PayPal, Authorize.net service on your site.  Once clients have finished their design, they can directly place the order.  It will be sent to the administrator, who will process it via the order management function.

The solution is also fit for personalised stationery, consumer goods and other products. And the solution may be integrated into your existing payment system or use Paypal, Authorize.net service on your site. When clients finish the design scheme, they can directly make an order for their design. The order will be sent to the admin, the administrator can deal with the order via order management function.

If you are interested in our print solution, or have questions regarding its use or implementation,  please contact me.  Thank you!  zhanglei@fscode.net